An Interview With Judy Marcus

Q: What makes Vanguard the right choice for dentists?



Judy Marcus: Results, individuality, and fairness.


Let's talk about individuality first. Every client of ours works directly with me, I am your consultant.


So when you work with us, you know who you're going to be talking to, every time.

Judy Marcus


Senior Consultant

30+ Years of Experience

That means we will treat you like an individual. And rather than make your goals fit our system, we will use our system to best fit to your situation and help you achieve YOUR goals.


We've had dentists come to us who've spent over a hundred thousand dollars on other consulting programs without any real improvement.


We never want someone to come to us and have to worry about that happening to them again. Our program is backed by a  money-back guarantee. We shoulder the risk, not just you.


On top of that, we don't have lengthy contracts. You should continue working with us because you're seeing results. If you succeed, we'll get paid. If you don't, we won't. Sound fair?


Then there's cost. Like you , we've intentionally created a small business. We want you to be certain you're only working with with experts who have a proven-track record.


We could charge a lot of money for working with us, but we don't. We don't have to support a massive facility or an army of  staff. So you get the best possible help, directly from us, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.


The funny part is, many of our successful clients tell us the program is worth $100,000, like some other programs cost. I mean just recently one of our dentists told us they'd have paid $500,000 for it without question, in hindsight.


For what you can achieve with us, we believe we are far and away the best "ROI" in the industry.



Q: How does your model fit with a general dental practice? Does it require any specialties or big changes in philosophy?


Judy: I can tell you that you absolutely do not have to focus on specialties or change your philosophy with the Vanguard model.  We routinely help build practices to a million dollars without adding in any sort of specialties or "big ticket" items. Purely restorative, crown and bridge type work.


I never tell you to sell some specific service, or charge everyone for fluoride to drive up the price of hygiene or any "tricks" like that. And in 90% of cases you don't even need to raise your fees or do something like charge $2,000 or more for a crown.


One major change we often help practices implement is to actually got paid for the work you do, rather than 40% of your time and effort going to insurance adjustments.


Obviously there were many other improvements, but everything we do will allow you to enhance your own philosophy and passion for the type of dentistry you want to do, rather than force you to change it.


Nothing in our model will suggest changing the way you do dentistry, how you diagnose treatment or anything like that.


As long as you are providing quality care, there is no reason our model wouldn't help you be more successful. We still have dentists who don't do root canals or wisdom teeth extractions or implants in their office. They are still very much achieving their goals with our help. Any general practice, with one dentist and one hygienist, should easily be able to collect $70,000 per month, with 3 operatories, and $90,000 per month with 4. These are very conservative estimates.


Certainly adding to the services you provide, and enhancing your clinical abilities and efficiency can increase the upper limits of your practice potential, but it definitely isn't a requirement or necessity.



Q: What about new patients? Many dentists may feel as though if they just had enough of the "right type" of new patients coming in, they'd be doing great. Why get consulting help in this case?


Judy: This is a very good point, and something we hear a lot. Most practices that come to us are struggling, and new patients are definitely at or near the top of their list of concerns. But for many practices there are other problems outside of just attracting new patients. Some of these problems aren't apparent right up until they start seeing the new patients, then the "stress fractures" suddenly appear.


Let me say this: We absolutely help you get more new patients. We take a very, very hands on approach to helping practices bring in the quality new patients they need.


However, one of the worst things that can happen to a practice is they finally figure out the right type of marketing, and finally start bringing in new patients, and then these patients end up slipping through the "holes" in the practice, getting turned away, or leaving through the "back door" almost as fast as they make it in the front door!


In the beginning, we focus entirely on maximizing your efficiency and effectiveness within the office, with the patients and resources you already have.


In many instances practices can see rapid growth without increasing your overhead via expensive marketing schemes. By implementing the correct internal systems within your office, we are able to maximize your productivity and in many instances increase new patient referrals as well.


Accomplishing this is our first focus with every single practice. Marketing can be expensive, and what is more important to us is to first ensure you have the inside of the practice running perfectly, as most offices can see vast increases without spending a dollar on marketing by getting these internal systems in place.


The good news is that when you do eventually decide to do marketing, with our help you will attract the right type of qualified new patients, and because of what we've helped implement within the practice, 90% of them will accept, pay for the treatment they need, and stick around for the long-term.


If we just focused on bringing in new patients, without getting the rest of the practice in order, we know you would only see a fraction of the improvement that is possible.  When your new patient numbers go up, your overall numbers  will jump by leaps and bounds.


No matter where your practice is now, you can always improve by using this approach.



Q: If you want help actually implementing this system, does it require flying your staff around the country for training?


Judy: Actually, this is one point where our new clients are even luckier than even our clients from many years ago. Many dentists have no doubt experienced this with seminars and conventions. You go for a weekend, get all excited and then go back to your office and by Wednesday you feel beaten down again.


We are now able to deliver and help implement the entire program without you having to send your staff out of town. It is incredibly effective, and at the same time it eliminates that "lull" between a few days of excitement every couple months after a course or seminar. You actually work on things and see improvements happening every day in your office.


We've never stopped looking for ways to improve our approach. We've always worked towards making things easier and more effective for our clients. I don't necessarily want to say we've reached the pinnacle in this regard, since there's no reason to ever stop improving. But the way we do things now is definitely the best it's ever been for you and your practice.



Q: So what can someone do to find out more about how you can help?


Judy: The best option is to attend one of our upcoming workshops. It's completely free, and you get a 1 on 1 appointment with me afterward. It's very easy to get it set up, simply head over to the "Workshop" tab to get more information and to register for it!


In this Workshop I will go over the exact details of the Vanguard system, internal and external, and show you exactly how it can be implemented in the next 6 months to get you firmly on the road to financial independence through your practice.


This Workshop is the "real deal". You'll find out what we are all about, and exactly what we can do for your practice. There's no big sales pitch for a program that costs tens of thousands of dollars or anything like that. You'll have the answers you need by the end of the Workshop.


We look forward to speaking with you soon!




NOTE: These testimonials are based on the experiences of a few people and you may not have similar results. Since we do not own or run your practice and cannot directly oversee or participate in implementation, we cannot guarantee specific statistical results from enrolling in our programs. We have been able to observe varying levels of improvement, depending on the degree of frequent and regular communication clients have maintained with us, and how closely they have adhered to the principles we teach, as well as their level of dedication to accomplishing such improvement in their practice, and as modified by the level of improvement they themselves desire.

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