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"As of last month, I’ve been averaging close to $100,000 in collections and production - for 5 months running! Of that, less than 50% is from insurance.


We learned and implemented an effective marketing program to attract the right type of new patients to my practice. It’s incredible! We’ve gotten more new patients each month since putting this in place than I’ve seen in YEARS! And they are really quality, wonderful new patients! They can afford the treatment they need, and aren’t totally motivated by insurance.


Vanguard trained my staff in their system. And I mean really trained them! The marketing definitely changed the type of patients we brought in, but now they are actually paying for the work they needed.


I no longer constantly hear “I only want to do what my insurance will cover”. I can say with confidence, my practice is not restricted by insurance AT ALL."


- Michael A. Bender, D.D.S.

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"Thanks to Vanguard, I was able to reach my practice goals fast. My practice has not been affected by the economy – its growth is totally dependent on what I do, it's under my control...


I learned how to target my marketing to more financially qualified new patients.


I learned to convert almost any patient into a quality patient, even if I didn't think they were at the start. The dramatic improvement in my case presentation skills resulted in almost all of my patients accepting the treatment that needed to be done to bring them to optimal oral health."


- Omar Osman, D.D.S.

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"Within six months of starting their program, my new patients had tripled, and production and collections had more than doubled. Shortly after that, my production and collections increased by another 50%, and I found that by continuing to apply the simple procedures they taught me, I was able to maintain these increases long term. Last month, I had my best month ever, producing and collecting over four times what I was doing when I first went to Vanguard.”


- R.M., D.M.D.

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"Almost immediately after implementing the marketing strategy we learned, our new patients changed from those who couldn’t afford our services to those who could. This made our work much easier! As for the rest of the program, it gave us the power to really do what we’re here for – to help our patients. We learned how to help our patients prioritize needed treatment so that today we aren’t affected by insurance limitations."


-Paul Nations, D.D.S.

and Eva Nations, Office Manager

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"Within six months after starting their program, my production had increased 100%...On my own, my practice has continually been able to produce more than double what it used to with two associates. I have a great staff, my overhead is no more than 60%, and I have been fully funding my retirement for the past one-and-a-half years. Total financial freedom is just a few short months away."


- P.D., D.D.S.

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"I am finally enjoying dentistry, reaping the rewards, and have begun building a satellite practice. Thanks…you have saved my practice, and my life!”


- D.B., D.M.D.

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"Six weeks into the program, my practice went up 50% in production and collections. I had already made a 100% return on my investment. Since then, every increase has been profit for me.


I never expected that within six months of getting into my new practice, I would be earning enough to fully achieve financial independence within a couple of years. But that is exactly what has happened.”


- T.W., D.M.D

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"The marketing program they recommended resulted in a 50% increase in my new patients within 6 weeks.


But they also helped me structure my practice in such a way that my case presentations have become much more effective...


Today my practice is at a level of production and collections that most solo practitioners never expect to see in their entire career. This level has become “the new normal” for me."


- Merril F. Rowe, D.D.S.

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"After several years in practice on my own, my office was producing and collecting $50,000 per month...


I was not able to hire and retain the staff I needed to make my practice run the way it should. The stress and the hopelessness I felt was causing me to become indifferent towards my practice and my profession, and on some days I even considered not showing up for work.


Fortunately for me, I hadn’t given up completely when I was contacted by the principals of Vanguard Dental Management.


This year my practice will produce approximately 2.5 million and collect 98% of that.


I have eliminated all HMOs and PPOs and am a full fee-for-service practice. Insurance is a non-issue for me. My patients take advantage of their insurance, but they do what is needed regardless of their insurance coverage.”


- J.L., D.D.S.

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"Today I have a stress-free, well organized practice, regularly producing over $100,000 per month that is a pleasure to work in.  My patients are very satisfied, get the dentistry they actually need and refer their families and friends.  I also earn a very satisfactory level of personal income, and my financial future is very secure.  This truly took months to achieve, not years."


- M.L., D.D.S.

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"We learned exactly how to manage these new patients, so as to turn these quality new patients into long-term patients of the practice. We had the systems in place to get the vast majority of them to stay in the practice, initiate treatment, and become part of our patient base. Because of this, we were able to build a foundation for a successful and profitable practice right from the beginning. This is why, less than 2 years into our new practice, we have reached a level of production and collections that many dentists struggle to reach even when they’ve been at it for 10 – 20 years."


- Cri Boratenski,  Colorado Family Dentistry

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"I am confident in my dentistry, and I truly care about my patients, yet I used to have people walking out the door without paying for the treatment they needed. With Vanguard, I learned an organized system of presenting care to my patients. By using what I’ve learned, patients are now accepting and paying for the care they need to achieve optimal oral health. And they are thanking me for it!


At Vanguard Dental Management, I also learned how to build an excellent team of staff who share my philosophy of practice. I enjoy going to work now!


Today, my practice is growing and thriving. It turns out I’m not a failure as a business owner at all. I was just missing a few key tools that I needed to make it work."


- Jackie O’Beirne D.D.S.

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"My new patient numbers, which used to average around 10 per month, are typically around 40. I am collecting and producing three times what I used to before coming to Vanguard. I have a happy and stable staff."


- James K. Richards, D.D.S.

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"They taught me about their “Blueprint”, a simple and common-sense approach to helping any practice reach its true potential.


As soon as I started the marketing they recommended, calls from quality new patients immediately increased. My production also increased right from the start, and it has never gone back down to where it was before.


But I also saw that getting more quality new patients was only part of the picture. I needed help with the structure of my practice, and to make sure that we were managing the patients correctly. Vanguard helped me with that too. They provided the assistance I needed to establish a well-trained and efficient team, allowing me the time to concentrate on giving quality care to my patients, while growing the practice and increasing my personal income at the same time."


- Angelina Anisimova, D.D.S.

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"They taught me their Blueprint, a practice model that encompasses the practical points I needed to get my practice the way I wanted it. It wasn’t complicated at all...


They immediately helped me implement marketing strategies that created a steady flow of financially qualified new patients. They taught us how to manage these patients so the majority of them accept and move forward with the treatment they need. They helped me create a practice structure that supports me, so I can focus on giving the best care to my patients.


My staff is also motivated and empowered. It’s not just up to me now. My time in the practice is spent doing

quality dentistry. And now that I’m also a Mom, I have the personal time to enjoy my family."


- Stefanie Shore, DDS

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"...I knew I had found what I had been missing in all of my years in practice...In my first month after starting, my production and collections doubled. As to where I will be able to take my practice from here into the future, I can see that it will be beyond my wildest dreams.


Personally, my goal is to be debt-free within one year. Thanks to Vanguard, I now have the knowledge and ability to make that happen.”


- J.P., D.D.S.

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"Within just months of starting [their program] I had everything I wanted. My income had more than doubled. I was working one day less a week. My practice was well organized and virtually stress free. Staff problems had all but vanished. Patients were routinely accepting and initiating all necessary treatment presented. I had the practice I had always hoped for.”


- J.M., D.D.S.

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