Who We Are

When you work with Vanguard Dental Management, you work with the principals of the company.


Namely, Judy Marcus.


Judy works with you individually and directly to help get in place particular and vital aspects of the Vanguard system.


With her, and just a few elite, highly-trained staff, you have your complete Vanguard team. You will always know who you're working with, and that they are uniquely qualified to help you and your staff reach your practice goals.



Judy Marcus - President


Judy Marcus has worked in the areas of organization and personnel management, marketing, sales, and finance for over 30 years. More than 28 of those years have been spent helping general dentists in practice. She is undoubtedly one of the most experienced and tenured professionals currently in the industry.


In 1989 she and her husband started a dental seminar and training company, where Judy was a keynote speaker and executive in charge of operations.


When they founded Vanguard Dental Management, their goal was to create a different kind of company, one that would provide practice owners and their staff with personalized consulting and assistance in order to help them rapidly achieve their goals for practice growth and profitability, in a way that was accessible and affordable.


As the President of Vanguard, Judy has developed the majority of the training materials, protocols and procedures for her dental practice clients. She has personally worked with hundreds of practices, bringing them the benefit of her insight and compassion, as well as her vast knowledge and years of experience. With her help, many of these practices have become “million dollar practices” and beyond.


Judy knows exactly what is necessary for a practice to achieve its potential, from whatever level they are starting. She has helped practices start from scratch and become highly productive and profitable within just a few months of opening.


Judy’s clients value the time she spends with them, the personal care and attention she gives them, and her steadfast dedication to their success. Judy prides herself on never giving up on helping a client, no matter how difficult or complicated their situation may appear to be. She wants every Vanguard client to know they can count on her to help them to the very best of her ability, and that she will be there to assist them with any of their practice concerns or questions.






NOTE: These testimonials are based on the experiences of a few people and you may not have similar results. Since we do not own or run your practice and cannot directly oversee or participate in implementation, we cannot guarantee specific statistical results from enrolling in our programs. We have been able to observe varying levels of improvement, depending on the degree of frequent and regular communication clients have maintained with us, and how closely they have adhered to the principles we teach, as well as their level of dedication to accomplishing such improvement in their practice, and as modified by the level of improvement they themselves desire.

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