Judy Marcus President Senior Consultant 30+ Years of Experience

Can you actually achieve financial independence through your private dental practice?

Working four days a week, with a wonderful team supporting you, providing high quality care to your patients?

I have met many dentists over the years, who have spent a lot of money and time trying to get their practice to the level that will allow them to achieve their goals, both personal and professional.

But much of the information available out there for dentists isn’t suited to having the type of practice I’ve just described. It’s more suited to a “corporate” or “volume” practice.

It’s not necessarily that the advice is bad… But is that the type of practice you want?

So often, dentists come to us burnt out, they’ve tried adding on every insurance they can find, they’ve tried opening nights and weekends, they’ve tried adding associates and specialists…

The end result for them is usually just more stress, and less money.

Trying to build a private practice on “corporate-type” advice, is like trying to build a boat out of concrete. It isn’t right for what you’re trying to do.

So here’s what I want to tell you: You can have a stress-free, productive and profitable practice, where you can provide quality care to your patients, and rapidly achieve financial independence while doing so.

I could pretend it’s very complicated, and tell you that you have take on even more debt, borrow 10’s of thousands of dollars, and expect it to take a long time to see results.

But it isn’t, so I won’t.

Here is the truth:

There are a few very specific, very precise principles and actions that are absolutely integral to the success of a private dental practice, and they are TOTALLY different to a corporate or volume style practice.

In every struggling practice I have encountered, it is always these specific and vital private practice principles that are not being applied correctly.

And whenever these principles are put in place, and these actions start being done, properly, smoothly, and consistently… the practice immediately starts to change and soon becomes highly productive and profitable.

If not done… it won’t happen. It’s that simple

I have been utilizing these private practice principles and actions to help dentists like you take their practice to the level they want and need, for over 30 years.

And I can help you do it too… in a matter of months. Not years.

The fact is, given a professional, competent Dentist, who wants to provide their patients with quality care, these things have to be present in a private practice for it to successfully achieve its production and profit goals.

Otherwise it will struggle. I’m not saying this to be mysterious, and I’m not speaking from some lofty ivory tower as an authority… I am telling you this from over 30 years of experience!

I’ve worked with thousands of dentists like you who were having a rough time… One for one this has always been true.

I am not asking you to “believe me”…

But if you want to have a successful private practice, and you’re not already achieving financial independence through your practice… I am asking you to be willing to hear what I say.

And look for yourself.

See if it makes sense.

Just like with each one of your patients, the first thing you have to do is identify what is wrong. And then provide the right solution for that situation.

If you’re struggling in your private practice and come to me, as a 30-year trained and experienced private dental practice specialist, I can do the exact same thing for you.

And if what you want is a productive, prosperous, and profitable practice, that delivers high quality, comprehensive care to its patients, and is a pleasure to own and work in, you came to the right person!

I can show you how, and help you, to accomplish exactly that.

How is this done?

I cover this fully in a FREE 20 minute video featured below. When you’re done reading, click on the link below and watch it…

Then set up a FREE Consultation Appointment to discuss your specific situation (my calendar is on the video page).

There is no obligation, and no pressure for you to decide anything, in this appointment.

What we will do is discuss what it is you are trying to achieve in your practice, pinpoint exactly why this is not occurring, and then go over how to fix it in the shortest amount of time.

Once the appointment is completed, if you agree with what I have to say, if you think we can work together well, if you decide that this is the right answer for your practice situation, I will be happy to help you further.

If you do decide to continue with us, your first month has a 30 day money back guarantee. I want you to be 100% happy to be working with me, and 100% certain you are doing the right thing, before I keep your money.

I know you will be.

For many years I have had the pleasure of helping Dentists in private practice turn a struggling, stressful daily work environment into one that is joyful, rewarding and prosperous – for themselves, their staffs, and their patients.

I would enjoy being able to help you do that too!

Set aside a few minutes, and watch the Free video.

Then schedule the Free Consultation Appointment, and we will speak in person.

Note: All of our consulting, coaching and training services are provided directly with me (30+ years of experience) together with my son, Chris Marcus (11 years of experience). Personalized high quality care and attention is the hallmark of every private, patient-centered practice we work with. It’s our hallmark too.

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