“Why should I invest in dental practice consulting services?”

We at Vanguard Dental Management get this question all the time. So much so, in fact, that we’ve made a video so you can get the information you need in order to determine if dental practice consulting is for you.

You may be wondering what are the benefits of hiring a dental practice consultant. After all, what do they know that I do not?

Below are some of the many reasons to partner with a top-notch dental management consulting firm, such as Vanguard Dental Management.

You Are a Dentist First, a Business Owner Second

Your first priority has been and always will be taking care of your dental patients, from preventative care to cosmetic and specialty care, such as periodontal services or referrals. Running your business is secondary.

Depending on your background and your time availability, you can learn a lot about running a successful business practice. However, if you find yourself lacking time to improve the business side of your dental practice because you have a family you want to spend time with or you spend a lot of time doing your hobbies, then you need to hire a dental practice consultant who has years of helping dentists maximize their dental practice.

You may fall short on your communication skills, team leadership skills, creating a dental office culture, capital expenditures, profit and loss statements, payroll, business growth strategies, marketing, and a whole host of other business acumen. We all have limited time in this world, including dentists, to do everything.

The perfect dental practice consultant can help you implement a comprehensive and sound dental practice that is poised for future success and growth. A top-notch dental office consultant, such as Vanguard Dental Management can offer you direction and guidance on your business practices, help you implement changes, and educate you on the business side of things.

An Inkling Your Dental Practice Could Be Better

Most dentists have a pulse on the health and vitality of their business, and if you have an inkling that something is just not right, odds are, something isn’t. Have you experienced any of the following scenarios?

  • You have had trouble making payroll in the last six months
  • You have had to not pay bills in order to make payroll
  • Your mission and vision is just not being heard
  • Your company culture seems off
  • You feel like your work has become fruitless
  • You feel patients’ experience has gone down recently
  • You feel like there is nothing special or differentiating about your dental practice
  • You know your dental practice could be doing better, but you have no idea how to make it do so

You’ve Never Heard of Practice Management Systems

If you’ve never heard of practice management systems, then you need to call Vanguard Dental Management immediately. Practice management systems are how you manage your dental facility. This entails how your dental office books and confirms appointments, how data is organized, reporting, and how bills and claims are processed. While having the latest in software helps, you need a stellar dental office staff to implement and manage all the inner workings that a dental practice entails.

Furthermore, you need a vision and a mission, and you need everyone on board with this vision and mission in order to not only implement the best practice management system for your practice but also so you have a guiding light behind your core values. After all, patients will be attracted to your dental practice because of what you believe in and how you implement that throughout your practice. A haphazard approach will result in haphazard patients.

What Dental Practice Consultants Can Do For Your Dental Practice

  • Create systems to improve efficiency and profitability
  • Help you identify your company culture so you attract the right talent
  • Help you understand payroll and overhead
  • Help you improve office flow and patient care
  • Help you garner commitment from your staff to improve
  • Help you create accountability for each other to adhere to your core beliefs
  • Help you and your staff understand the vital role they all play in the success of your dental practice

Dental Consultants Are a Part of Your Team

The right dental practice consultant will be as much a part of your team as everyone else, guiding it in the right direction it needs to go. Your dental consultant

will be your advocate and your cheerleader. They will listen to your concerns, examine your existing processes, interview your staff, and take a hard look at what is working and what’s not. They will bring an outside perspective that you need in order to implement change — change you must be willing to make.

As with any change, it will not happen overnight. Implementing new strategies and practices will take time, as will the results. The change can be barely perceptible. In fact, it may be months down the road when you suddenly see it all put into place. More referrals will flow in, and the culture will one day come alive. Mindsets will be changed, as will perspectives and energy. When everyone has a stake in the game, progress is made.

Why Choose Vanguard Dental Management

With over 30 years in the dental practice business, we here at Vanguard Dental Management have a solid idea of what it takes to make your dental practice be everything you want it to be. Our mission is to help you have a stress-free, well-run, efficient, and profitable dental practice that you can be proud of — one that offers the best in client care and is known for offering the best dental services in your community. We want your dental practice to be a joy for you to go to — for both you, the dentist, and your staff. When you are joyful, your patients will be joyful, which will only attract more people to you.

Let’s face it, everyone needs dental care; the dilemma is getting “everyone” to choose you.

Vanguard Dental Management can do just that. Watch our video now to get started!