Recently my practice has undergone some very positive changes, the end result being that I am well on track for having my best year ever in 25 years of practice. The major factor in this has been working with a dental consultant for the past few months: Judy Marcus.

I initially contacted them because I thought my practice could use some more new patients. Although they were extremely instrumental in resolving that for me on an immediate basis, what I got from them was so much more!

The marketing program they recommended resulted in a 50% increase in my new patients within 6 weeks.

But they also helped me structure my practice in such a way that my case presentations have become much more effective. This has turned out to be the key to increasing my production and collections by $25,000 – $35,000 per month over where we were 6 months ago.

I have been able to hold this increase month after month, even through the summer months with time taken out of the practice for vacations. Today my practice is at a level of production and collections that most solo practitioners never expect to see in their entire career. This level has become “the new normal” for me.

The systems I learned from Judy were very simple and the results were practically instantaneous. The return on investment has been quite dramatic.

Financially, the increases in my practice have made it possible to not only comfortably cover all of my personal and business needs, but also to plan for further expansion of the practice and so provide quality dentistry to even more people.

I am well on my way to financial independence, and the remarkable thing is that the steps I am taking to achieve this have also resulted in healthier patients, a happier staff, and a much greater level of job satisfaction for me!

The staff at Vanguard have been a pleasure to work with. They are always available to help when needed. Their concern for me is genuine. They are not just about implementing their program; they are all about what is best for me and my practice. I am convinced that their personal care and attention has helped me achieve better results in a shorter period of time than I have experienced anywhere else.

Merril F. Rowe, DDS