“After several years in practice on my own, my office was producing and collecting $50,000 per month, which was considered quite successful for that time. However there was always a struggle to pay the bills on time. I had just moved into a larger space but was unable to update the facility or purchase any newer tech because of my lack of money. I was not able to hire and retain the staff I needed to make my practice run the way it should. The stress and the hopelessness I felt was causing me to become indifferent towards my practice and my profession, and on some days I even considered not showing up for work.

Fortunately for me, I hadn’t given up completely when I was contacted by Judy Marcus from Vanguard Dental Management. They understood the reasons for the problems I was having and provided the precise solutions to them. Through them, I finally learned exactly what I needed to create the practice I always wanted. And today I have it.

This year my practice will produce approximately 2.5 million and collect 98% of that. I have been able to totally upgrade the office front to back, and double my space. I have equipped 7 operatories with new chairs, x-ray units, a laser, digital cameras, a new computer system, and all of the latest technical upgrades. All of this was paid in cash from my practice reserves.

I have eliminated all HMOs and PPOs and am a full fee-for-service practice. Insurance is a non-issue for me. My patients take advantage of their insurance, but they do what is needed regardless of their insurance coverage.

Since implementing what I learned, my personal income has increased 500%. I now take home more money than I ever thought was possible for a general dentist.

If a dentist doesn’t have the correct steps of how to make their practice a success, they end up trying all kinds of stuff promoted by the so-called experts and wind up in a tangle of conflicting ideas. I was one of those. Now I enjoy going to the office, and I am at ease and content with my life, personally and professionally. Judy Marcus and staff deliver on what they say and more.”