1. The marketing definitely changed the type of patients we brought in

    When you’re producing about $16,000 per month and not seeing even a hint of growth, you know you are going nowhere. That’s where I was. I had bounced around, attending seminars and events all over the country, looking for an answer. My staff was a mess, I had nobody I could rely on, and the stress and bills were piling up higher and higher. I’m not in a wealthy neighborhood, and over the yea…Read More

    Michael A Bender, DDS
  2. You’ll end up with real answers that work.

    I bought an existing practice, knew where I wanted to go and didn't want to waste any time getting there. Yet there I was, a few months into it, just covering my expenses, but not having the experience or answers to take it to the next level. I was getting new patients, but they didn't seem to be "the right type". My hours were long because I was still working part time as an associate, and with a…Read More

    Omar Osman, D.D.S.
  3. I promise it will be well worth your time!

    Some time ago, I had reached a point in my career where my practice was in shambles. My production and collections were down 30% - 40%. I had no reliable administrative staff and was having to run the whole office myself. My new patient numbers were dismal. And I could barely pay myself. As a single mom and the sole supporter of my three kids, this was completely unacceptable. Over a period of a f…Read More

    Jackie O’Beirne D.D.S.
  4. You will get the answers you need, as we did.

    We used to have what we considered a mediocre dental practice. We were doing “just OK”…Production and collections were plateaued, and we didn’t know how to grow the practice in a controlled, organized way. Our financial obligations seemed huge. We had personal and business debts and three small children to take care of. We were frustrated and stressed, and we didn’t know what to do about…Read More

    Paul Nations, D.D.S. and Eva Nations, Office Manager
  5. Within six months of starting their program, my new patients had tripled…

    “About four years ago, I was contacted by a practice consulting company. I had responded to a postcard mailer they had sent me. At the time, I was just in the process of starting up a new practice, and I did not feel I was ‘ready’ for a consultant. One and a half years later, I was still in a ‘new practice’ mode. In other words, I was not achieving even close to my potential for new pati…Read More

    R.M., D.M.D.
  6. Needless to say, the stress I once had is virtually gone…

    “Before I came to Vanguard Dental Management and started working with Judy Marcus, I was undecided about which consulting company I should go to. I had already experienced some of them, but my practice problems had not been resolved. I had two associates, my staff situation was out of control, and I was not making any income from my practice. I spoke to them…and what they said seemed to make a…Read More

    P.D., D.D.S.
  7. I am finally enjoying dentistry, reaping the rewards, and have begun building a satellite practice…

    “A year ago, I received an ad in the mail about a company who could get me more new patients without signing onto some HMO or PPO, so I sent in the response card.  Soon I received a call from Judy Marcus at Vanguard Dental Management. When I realized that this was their way to introduce their practice improvement program, I thought ‘Oh no!!!! Not another one of those seminars that promise the…Read More

    D.B., D.M.D.
  8. New Practice – Six weeks into the program, my practice went up 50% in production and collections…

    “When I first contacted Judy Marcus, I was in the middle of selling my 4 operatory sole-practitioner practice and buying into a 12 operatory, multi-provider facility. I was very concerned about starting off the right way in my new practice, as I knew that the decisions I was making would greatly affect my future, both professionally and financially. Right from the start, the advice I received fr…Read More

    T.W., D.M.D.
  9. I am convinced that their personal care and attention has helped me achieve better results in a shorter period of time than I have experienced anywhere else.

    Recently my practice has undergone some very positive changes, the end result being that I am well on track for having my best year ever in 25 years of practice. The major factor in this has been working with a dental consultant for the past few months: Judy Marcus. I initially contacted them because I thought my practice could use some more new patients. Although they were extremely instrumental …Read More

    Merril F. Rowe, D.D.S.
  10. I have eliminated all HMOs and PPOs and am a full fee-for-service practice…

    “After several years in practice on my own, my office was producing and collecting $50,000 per month, which was considered quite successful for that time. However there was always a struggle to pay the bills on time. I had just moved into a larger space but was unable to update the facility or purchase any newer tech because of my lack of money. I was not able to hire and retain the staff I need…Read More

    J.L., D.D.S.