1. I am convinced that their personal care and attention has helped me achieve better results in a shorter period of time than I have experienced anywhere else.

    Recently my practice has undergone some very positive changes, the end result being that I am well on track for having my best year ever in 25 years of practice. The major factor in this has been working with a dental consultant for the past few months: Judy Marcus. I initially contacted them because I thought my practice could use some more new patients. Although they were extremely instrumental …Read More

    Merril F. Rowe, DDS
  2. I have eliminated all HMOs and PPOs and am a full fee-for-service practice…

    “After several years in practice on my own, my office was producing and collecting $50,000 per month, which was considered quite successful for that time. However there was always a struggle to pay the bills on time. I had just moved into a larger space but was unable to update the facility or purchase any newer tech because of my lack of money. I was not able to hire and retain the staff I need…Read More

    JL, DDS
  3. To me Judy is the best dental consultant in the country. 

    "Have you ever wondered, “How can I achieve financial independence through my practice?” I used to wonder, especially after finding myself ten years into practice, stressed out and with lots of bills.  I attributed this to my less than perfect patients, the economy and other factors I felt were beyond my control. I was not reaching my goals or securing my future and I knew it.  I then met Ju…Read More

    ML, DDS
  4. It is doubtful you will find any other consultant that’s as caring and dedicated to your success.

    A little over 2 years ago my wife and I were facing some difficult decisions. My wife is an excellent dentist and very conscientious about the quality of care she provides to patients. Working as a part-time associate in different practices wasn’t providing the job satisfaction she desired, nor was it meeting the financial needs of our young family. She certainly wasn’t being adequately compen…Read More

    Cri Boratenski, Executive Director
  5. They really are a different kind of company.

    Not too long ago, I was very dissatisfied with where I had arrived after 34 years of practicing dentistry. I didn’t want to become dependent on managed care plans, but I also didn’t know how to attract the new patients I needed. My production and collections were in a range that did not make it worth owning my own practice. I wasn’t happy with my staff set up but I didn’t know how to start…Read More

    James K. Richards, DDS
  6. What I learned from Judy Marcus and Vanguard works, and it can work for you too.

    As a mother of two small children, I needed my practice to be more successful and provide a better income for my family. It seemed that I had run out of work to do on my existing patients and I was not getting enough quality new patients through insurance referrals. I knew I at least needed to do some marketing. I tried some methods I’d heard about and the results were horrible: Some of the thin…Read More

    Angelina Anisimova, DDS
  7. I was now fully able to run my practice on my own. I would never need another practice management group again…

    I was now fully able to run my practice on my own. I would never need another practice management group again... “Before I became a client of Vanguard, I had been to several practice management companies, had spent several thousand dollars trying to get my practice the way I wanted, and despite consultants coming to my office and working with my staff, I still did not have what I wanted. I was e…Read More

    JM, DDS
  8. After one weekend, I knew I had found what I had been missing in all of my years in practice…

    “I had recently purchased a 4 operatory practice in a good location, with room to expand, and I was trying to figure out how to make it more productive, efficient, and profitable. I had owned my own practice before, for several years, but I had never been able to bring the production above the level of around $40,000 per month, and I was experiencing the same thing in my new practice. I was doin…Read More

    JP, DDS
  9. I would recommend them to anyone

    I’m in solo practice, with emphasis on quality comprehensive care. When I first heard about Vanguard Dental Consultants, I was a couple of years into my own practice. I felt good about how our patients were being treated and cared for. But the practice was definitely not as productive as I knew it could be. There were holes in the schedule, not enough quality new patients, and I felt bogged down…Read More

    Stefanie Shore, DDS