Benefit from Private Dental Practice Expertise

Personally work with Judy and Chris Marcus who bring 40+ years of experience and expertise helping Dentists in private practice break free of practice and financial stress through our dental practice consulting services.

What does this mean for you?

We know exactly how to help you rapidly build a patient-centered comprehensive care practice that is rewarding, productive and highly profitable into the future.

“Working with them was the best decision I ever made for my practice and for my life as a whole overall.”


Accelerate Dental Practice Productivity and Profitability

With our knowledge and experience in private dental practice success, we can help you elevate your dental practice to increased levels of productivity and profitability, in just months!

We routinely encounter dentists who have spent tens of thousands of dollars, and enormous amounts of time and effort, unsuccessfully trying to use corporate practice methods and recommendations to boost their practice.

A private patient-centered practice is totally different to a corporate model practice. You need the right recommendations, the right advice, and the right direction for YOUR dental practice and YOUR situation. You need dental practice consulting techniques.

“…I knew I had found what I had been missing in all of my years in practice…In my first month after starting, my production and collections doubled. As to where I will be able to take my practice from here into the future, I can see that it will be beyond my wildest dreams.”


Attract the Quality New Dental Patients You NEED!

As a private, comprehensive dental care practice, you don’t want to be “insurance-driven” – where patients only do what their insurance will cover. A “corporate” or “volume” practice can bring in every HMO, PPO and medical assistance-type plan under the sun to increase their new patient flow… Those types of dental practices typically see 100+ new patients a month. But this isn’t what YOU want!

Instead, we will show you how to fill your dental practice with quality new patients, who can afford to pay for their needed care – and who do so!

Using the procedures and methods tailored to a private dental practice, you can start seeing a steady flow of these patients coming into your office in just weeks with our dental office consulting!

“Almost immediately after implementing the marketing strategy we learned, our new patients changed from those who couldn’t afford our services to those who could. This made our work much easier! As for the rest of the program, it gave us the power to really do what we’re here for – to help our patients. We learned how to help our patients prioritize needed treatment so that today we aren’t affected by insurance limitations.”

-Paul Nations, DDS. and Eva Nations, Office Manager

See Rapid Results!

Consistently reach your “end goal” level of production, collections and profitability in less time than you might have ever expected through our dental practice consulting services!

Prepping a tooth, placing an implant, taking an x-ray – there’s a right way to do it! There are hundreds of wrong ways too. How do you learn the right way? You go to the experts in that procedure!

When it comes to a comprehensive-care private dental practice – we are the dental consultant experts!

With our many years of experience in this specialized field, we have seen every wrong way it can be done. And we know the right ways from dental consulting too – that work!

The correct solutions for a private dental practice are unique and specific. It is by implementing them in your dental practice, that financial independence through your practice becomes achievable.

“We learned exactly how to manage these new patients, so as to turn these quality new patients into long-term patients of the practice. We had the systems in place to get the vast majority of them to stay in the practice, initiate treatment, and become part of our patient base. Because of this, we were able to build a foundation for a successful and profitable practice right from the beginning. This is why. . . we have reached a level of production and collections that many dentists struggle to reach even when they’ve been at it for 10 – 20 years.”

– Cri Boratenski, Business Manager, Colorado Family Dentistry

Success Is Closer Than You Think!

Discover the #1 financial mistake many dentists are making in their dental practice, blocking them from achieving their financial goals.

With this resolved, your dental practice CAN experience a dramatic profit boost in less time than you ever thought possible!

Within the first 3 months of this year, 70% of our clients have already had their best months EVER in their dental practice, with most doing so in less than 6 months of beginning implementing our dental consulting help!

“Six weeks in… my practice went up 50% in production and collections. I never expected that within six months … I would be earning enough to fully achieve financial independence within a couple of years. But that is exactly what has happened.”


Forget Expensive Travel

The dental practice consulting solutions we provide to bring a private dental practice rapidly up to its desired level of production and profitability are simple to understand and learn!

All of our dental consulting, coaching, and training is done by phone, video-conference, and through our online training platform.

Your dental consultants, Judy Marcus and Chris Marcus, are never “too busy” to get back with you when you need it.

With our personalized help and attentive direction to dental consulting, you can smoothly and successfully implement everything we teach, everything you need to know, without having to leave your dental office.

“Today I have a stress-free, well organized practice, regularly producing over $100,000 per month that is a pleasure to work in. My patients are very satisfied, get the dentistry they actually need and refer their families and friends. I also earn a very satisfactory level of personal income, and my financial future is very secure. This truly took months to achieve, not years.”


Get Rid of Your Financial Burden!

Our mission is to help you eliminate financial stress, not increase it. We focus our dental consulting services on what is truly important, in order to make it affordable for virtually any dentist no matter their situation… Dental practice consulting clients tell us it is the “most attainable, and useful practice consulting ever encountered.”

Our personalized and comprehensive dental consulting, coaching and training service is the only service Vanguard provides.

Our dental practice consulting services are paid for on a purely month-to-month basis. The first month comes with a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee. There is NO risk to you in getting started with us.

There is no long-term financially-binding contract.

The ONLY reason you, or any of our clients continue working with us is:




How Do You Find Out More?

We offer 3 powerful resources to help you start on the road to achieving your dental practice goals. Two videos, and one webinar, each one presenting specific information that you can use immediately to better understand and improve your detnal practice situation.

Pick which topic of our dental consulting services interests you and watch it! Included is an opportunity to set up a free, no obligation, 1 on 1 dental consulting appointment with Judy and Chris Marcus, to personally help you work out exactly what YOU should be doing to reach YOUR dental practice production and financial goals in the next 6 months…

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The precise principles and actions integral to the success of a private dental practice.

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Chris Marcus

The secret to our lightning fast results, and why reaching your financial goals could be closer than you think!

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“Achieving Financial Independence Through Your Practice”

A FREE 45 Minute Webinar Featuring Dr. Mike Bender, and Judy Marcus. Discover the FULL breadth of what your private practice is capable of – and how to achieve it in just months!

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