Workshop Details

  • Complimentary
  • 45 minute, online event, done through your computer, tablet or mobile device
  • No commitment or obligation
  • Presented by Judy Marcus, President and 30 year Dental Consultant, featuring Dr. John Ifantis
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Stop struggling with seemingly “insurmountable” problems. Real solutions are available for your practice.

Hi I’m Dr. John Ifantis,

For many years in my practice we were just absolutely stuck, stressed out, going backwards!

After trying over and over to “break through the barriers”, we had tried everything. It felt like every time we fixed one problem, another one popped up.

I started working with Vanguard a few years ago. We were stagnant, the bills piling up, and I really had nowhere to turn. I couldn’t get credit or afford to pay $10,000+ for some program I didn’t know would work, and fly my staff around the country.

They signed me on with no contract, it was entirely month to month with no big up front commitment of any kind… and we NEVER had travel!

And you know what? In hindsight it would have been worth ANYTHING they asked for, but it sure made it easier that they didn’t ask for much!

We rapidly implemented their system into our office, and it was like “plug and play”. Do A, B, C and the result is huge growth!

We doubled our new patients from 10-15 up to 30+, and these were QUALITY new patients! Within the first few months of implementing their advice, we had 2 months over $100,000 collections with 35 or so new patients!

I’ve just had my best year ever, at a level I felt hopeless about ever reaching… And this year we’re doing EVEN better; We now average over $90,000 per month with just over 30 quality new patients! We used to struggled to get $45,000 and see 15 new patients! All while working 4 days a week, and with the best most stable staff I’ve ever had.

For my money, this was worth far more than anything else out there, and Vanguard made it easier than I ever thought possible to get the help we needed to reach our full practice goals.

Spend the 45 minutes to learn the exact steps to putting this in place, and FULLY reaching these goals in as little as 3-6 months. 

I very much look forward to seeing you at the workshop!


Dr. John Ifantis